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What CHMHA is about

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Community House members are encouraged to help design their own treatment. Staff incorporate a broad base of therapeutic approaches while maintaining a relationship that is open, informal, and caring. We provide a peer support day program, crisis intervention, and assistance and direction to assist members with basic living needs.

Our Mission

We hold ourselves responsible as instruments of social change to the larger community for creating a society which not only tolerates, but understands and accepts people who have a severe and persistent behavioral health issues.

This philosophy serves as the basis of our treatment program, which is individually designed in partnership between members and staff to meet basic life needs such as housing, food, clothing, psychiatric and general medical care. The fulfillment of these basic needs provides the foundation for meeting primary social goals of belonging, having a network of support, employment options, and educating the larger community about people with mental illness.

The contributions of every member, staff, and volunteer are integral components for providing stability that is both supportive and transforming.

Our Services

Our services are accessible to adults regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, mental or physical handicap, or ability to pay.

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