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Peer Support Day Program

The peer support day program is focused on assisting members in developing or redeveloping the social skills necessary for independent living in the community and promoting their recovery from mental illness. Staff works with members on addressing basic life needs such as nutrition, exercise, appearance, and hygiene.

Community House’s peer support day program provides services such as member prepared daily lunches, weekly food bank, house jobs, laundry and shower facilities, holiday parties, camping trips, and different activity groups. Activity groups include Music Appreciation, Men and Women groups, Crafts, Fresh Start recovery group, and Walking group.

These different activities provide a safe and supportive environment for members to build social, vocational, and emotional skills.

Case Management

Our staff of case managers provide two major roles to our client. The first role is advocacy, assisting members with housing, legal, financial, vocational, and medical concerns in a therapeutic framework that offers skill development in independent living. The next role is follow-up, for when clients are in transition, crisis, or when prolonged and/or unexplained absences from treatment are noted.

Medical Management

Community House provides psychiatric evaluation, as well as medication prescription, distribution, and review. Prescription distribution includes weekly mediset allocation, including monitoring or injection medications.

Aside from psychiatric services, Community House employs a consulting nurse for vitals, weight management, education, and more.

Housing Community

House provides housing to several hundred individuals in the King county area. Housing opportunities include cluster housing, independent apartments, supervised living, and licensed group boarding homes.

Community House

There are currently eight different housing. A Day in the Life in Seattle, as well as future plans for addition of more sites.

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