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Board Members

Larry Crim, Real Estate Agent, Windermere
Residence: Renton

Alan Hernandez, Vice President Tribal Social Work, Skokomish
Residence: Lake Forest Park

Bruce Hogan, Client Representative
Residence: Seattle

Fred Katz, President Non-profit Administrator/Fremont School
Residence: Seattle

Geoff Austin, Treasurer Healthcare Administrator, U. W.
Residence: Seattle

Steve Fernald, Respiratory Therapist, Seattle Rehab.
Residence: Seattle

Chris Szala, Executive Director Community House
Residence: Vashon

Matt Jellerson, Peer Counselor and Client Representative
Residence: Seattle

Joe Cohlmeyer Architect
Residence: Seattle

Maggie Edgar, Secretary Registered Nurse Consultant, DSHS
Residence: Seattle

Patricia Kaufman, Marriage and Family Therapist
Residence: Seattle

Paula Younkin

Nic Gregoric Graphic Designer

Board members are a key part in overseeing what goes on at the agency by voting on critical issues that concern CHMHA. Once a month the board gets together to review such topics as fiscal and financial planning, big expenses coming up, housing and development, and monthly review/update from the executive director’s report.

If you would like to join an important part of the Community House Mental Health Agency board of officers and members please contact Chris Szala at:

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