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OVERVIEW: Leighton Apartments is a 24 unit residence located on First Hill in Seattle. In 2005, the City of Seattle approached Community House with the offer of acquiring Leighton Apartments through a Transfer of Ownership. King County Recovery Centers was the owner, but was having difficulty maintaining and operating the site. Community House agreed to take over Leighton after negotiating approximately 300K in remodeling that included replacement of windows, intercom system, carpeting, hot water tanks, roof and other significant infrastructure. The building has eighteen 1 bedroom units and 6 studio units. The six studio units are 2 per each of 3 floors and each pair of studios does share a bathroom.

CLIENT PROFILE: Clients are currently being referred to by the King County Mental Health Division under the agency Standardized Supportive Housing Contract. This service contract pays at a significantly higher rate than the regular payments for clients at our Jackson St. outpatient site. Community House has made this choice to serve this client base, but is not required. The regulatory agreement only states that clients are from homeless situation with mental illness.

LOCATION: 814 Columbia Ave. Seattle, Wa. 98104

ACQUISTION/CONSTRUCTION FUNDING: In 2005 Community House acquired Leighton through a Transfer of Ownership with City of Seattle. Rehabilitation occurred throughout the building and as units were rehabbed clients were moved in.

OPERATING SUBSIDIES: Leighton Apartments initially received no operating subsidies. In 2006, Community House applied and received 15 project based Section 8 vouchers. This means the 15 units keep the subsidy no matter who moves into that unit as compared to tenant-based vouchers that follow the client.

LOAN TERMS: Loan with City of Seattle of $1,062,365. There are no principal/interest payments as long as property continues as low-income housing. Due July 2055 with unlimited 5 year extensions thereafter.


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