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George B

OVERVIEW: George B. was named after George Beamon who was a long time client and colorful character on the Seattle landscape. George was known for his ability to successfully "gate crash" local events. Many a mayor, bishop, and legislator met up with George and his mother Patsy at these events.

The George B. was the first residential project that Community House opened back in 1990. The George B. is a 9 large studio unit building with live-in manager, though the live-in manager is not required by regulatory agreement. Currently, the building has had numerous upgrades over past 5 years per age of building.

CLIENT PROFILE: Clients must be mentally ill and have substance abuse history per regulatory agreement.

LOCATION: 639 N.W. 85th Street Seattle, Wa. 98117

CONSTRUCTION FUNDING: The George B. was built with a combination of Washington State Housing Trust Fund and City of Seattle Housing Levy monies.

OPERATING SUBSIDIES: George B. receives Operations and Maintenance Subsidies from City of Seattle Office of Housing of approximately $32K per year and Operations and Maintenance Subsidy from State of Washington or $15,000 per year.

LOAN TERMS: Loan with City of Seattle of $531,606 Due January 2030. 5 yr. extensions available thereafter if Community House chooses. Forgivable Loan as no principal/interest payments are due as long as property continues as low­income housing.


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