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110th Place

OVERVIEW: 110th St. is an 8 bedroom home built on the excess land that was part of the original Firwood Group Home. A "cluster house" is a shared housing situation whereby each client is provided an individual bedroom, but shares common living room space, kitchen, and laundry facilities. The clients at the cluster house are provided service on-site, but this is not a 24 hour supervised living situation. Daily contact is provided to each client that ranges from just check-in services to intensive case management depending on their needs. Most clients entering 110th are coming from Western State and local hospitals.

CLIENT PROFILE: Clients are currently being referred to by the King County Mental Health Division under the agency Standardized Supportive Housing Contract. This services contract pays at a significantly higher rate than the regular payments for clients at our Jackson St. outpatient site. Community House has made this choice to serve this client base, but is not required. The regulatory agreement only states that clients are from homeless situation with mental illness.

LOCATION: 10753 2nd Ave. N. W. Seattle, Wa. 98117

ACQUISTION/CONSTRUCTION FUNDING: In 1998 Community House purchased the Firwood site from private owners under owner financing. In 2004 Community House submitted to City of Seattle and State of Washington application to rebuild Firwood Group Home and build an 8 bedroom "cluster house" on the excess land that was short-platted as its own parcel known as 110th St. Operation began 2007.

OPERATING SUBSIDIES: 110th St. does not receive subsidies for operation. All operations are supported by client monies. Operations are vacancy sensitive.

LOAN TERMS: Loan is wrapped in as one project with Firwood Group Home. Loan with State of Washington of $920,146 at 4% interest simple interest accrues at 1% for 50 years. Payments of 50% of net cash flow if available. To date there is not cash flow and will not be based on type of operations. Loan will renew or be forgiven in 2054. Loan with City of Seattle of $975,589 at 4%. This note bears no interest and will convert to grant in January 2044 if property continues as low­income housing.

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